Benefits of Having a Warehouse Next to Your Office

Posted on June 14, 2017

If there is one thing our tenants have loved about leasing New Hampshire warehouse space through Large Open Warehouse Space Available in Nashua NHTichnor Properties, it’s the option of also leasing office space right next door. There are so many benefits associated with having your office and warehouse nearby, and we can think of a few just off the top of our heads.

Makes customer service a breeze

Being so close to your warehouse allows you to pop in at a moment’s notice, check for quality control, and even troubleshoot possible customer inquiries and problems. Working closely with all parts of your business allows you to see all sides of the process, make adjustments accordingly, and provide the best services possible.

Helps with inventory

If there is one thing that retail businesses deal with, it is inventory and counting. Having your office so close to your warehouse allows for a more seamless inventory process, and might even help avoid some of those headaches we all know too well from these duties.

Can double the use with production

If your particular product requires production, a warehouse can kill two birds with one stone. Depending on the size of your warehouse or how much room your lease allows you to grow, you can have all areas of your business in-house, which in turn, can be extremely cost efficient and aid in positive customer interactions.

Allows for expansion

Depending on the warehouse space you decide to lease, you have the opportunity to expand your business within the walls of your current location. For example, Tichnor Properties has an exceptionally flexible warehouse and office space that can grow and contract with the size of your business and help you avoid the hassle of moving.

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