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When you’re in the market for warehouse space, it may be overwhelming to think about all the things to consider. Is the area big enough? Is it the appropriate environment? Is it in an excellent location? If you’re looking at warehouse space to rent, consider Tichnor Properties.   We pride ourselves on being able to […]

Anyone who works in a business that manufactures physical products knows that it’s crucial to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Some people are happy to make their products at home or another smaller-style space. Still, there’s no denying how useful a warehouse space in NH can be for any manufacturer. Having a […]

Many people know that the nature of the job is a primary factor in the feelings they have when they go to work. Still, there’s something to be said about a workplace environment. Having a quality office space can make a significant difference in worker morale, and Tichnor Properties has the property you need to […]

If you’ve been shopping for property lately, whether it’s residential or commercial, you’ve probably noticed the prices increase exponentially the closer you get to the city. It makes sense, sort of. The closer you are to the people, the more conveniently you’ll be able to access almost anything. It’s also an excellent, central location for […]

When you’re looking for new office space for your company, what kind of place are you considering? Are you looking to rent a few rooms in a shared office building, or do you want a private place? There are plenty of benefits to shared office space—read on to understand why this might be right for […]