What You Need in a Warehouse Space

Posted on October 23, 2017

Large Open Warehouse Space Available in Nashua NHWhat many people might not realize when searching for their first warehouse space in Nashua, NH is that it can vary from storage, manufacturing, and distribution. When touring facilities to get a better sense of layout, ownership, and location, Tichnor Properties suggests keeping these other essential characteristics in mind:

Square footage

Is the layout of the warehouse able to fit your needs? Will you be able to operate efficiently? If you are not able to utilize some of the space that is included in your lease, it’s time to calculate its worth to you and your business.

Ceiling height

For those looking to store their materials or products in their warehouse space, it’s vital to consider ceiling height as much as square footage. Stacking products and holding equipment can take up a lot of space if you cannot utilize height.


Do you require access to loading areas? How will you be moving products from the warehouse space to those vehicles? Will your warehouse location make your overall distribution easy or more difficult? Not only do you need to know the limitations of the building, but you must also be situated in a city or town that can help your business.

Room to grow

Are you looking to expand or downsize eventually? Having this flexibility in your workspace is a must, especially if you foresee those changes happening. Working in flex-space offices gives you the ability to make those adjustments without having to move very far.

If you’ve been considering a new office space with warehouse availability in the greater Nashua, NH area, consider Tichnor Properties. For over 25 years, our multi-use business center has helped hundreds of businesses succeed, and we would love to work with you.

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