Set Up Your New Office

Posted on February 22, 2018

When you’ve got a new office location for your company, you need to deal with the process of moving in your business. This can be time-consuming, and it’s easy for something essential to be overlooked. Take a look at this guide to setting up your new office.

Think about what you need for your office. What tools are essential to getting your work done? Ask your team if you’re not sure what individual departments need, then make sure you’ve got everything you need. Make a checklist so that you don’t miss a thing.

Design a floor plan for the new office. Make sure that all your employees have enough room to do their work and feel comfortable. Do you have enough room for all the desks? Is there space for employees to walk and take breaks? Sketch a rough floor plan before moving in furniture, and you’ll make the process go much more smoothly.

Bring the furniture into the office first. This will ensure that you don’t have to rearrange everything else to make room for it—furniture is one of the most permanent aspects of your office and is the base of your office décor.

Make sure that you’ve got internet and phone lines set I the office. At Tichnor Properties, we can help you contact providers to make sure it’s all set up without issue. You can make sure that you are able to keep doing work without spending too much extra tie just getting the information you need.

Your employees will want to be comfortable in their new workspace. Consider creating a break area, or include decorations that can provide momentary relief for your employees. Encourage them to decorate their own spaces as well.

Don’t overlook essential office supplies. Do you need pens, paper, staplers, or similar things? You could diligently pack up everything you need from your old office, or you could get a bulk order of supplies for the new office. Keep it all in one place and make using these supplies easier.

Once you’ve got the essentials, decorate the office to reflect your company culture. You can put a personal touch in everything from the décor to the type of furniture you use. Make sure your employees and customers are in the right mindset from the instant they walk in the door.

Are you still looking for the perfect office space in Nashua, New Hampshire? Contact Tichnor Properties today to learn what we’ve got available, and get started on setting up your new office!

Tichnor Properties can meet all you office needs from a single office of 155 sqft  up to 170 sqft, a 2-4 person office of 460 sqft, and larger office spaces great for teams. Please call Tichnor Properties for more information and details on rental specials.