Things to Think About When Looking for Warehouse Space to Rent

Posted on July 25, 2018

New Hampshire warehouse from TichnorWhen you’re in the market for warehouse space, it may be overwhelming to think about all the things to consider. Is the area big enough? Is it the appropriate environment? Is it in an excellent location? If you’re looking at warehouse space to rent, consider Tichnor Properties.


We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate our client’s changing needs. Whether you’re a growing company or sell 85% of your product during the holiday season, we have the space you need. Further, you only pay for the area you use – so you don’t have to commit to a large warehouse if you don’t always need it.


Location, Location, Location

The first thing to consider is location. If your product is shipped directly from the warehouse, you want to be close to shipping services and ports. Our warehouse space to rent in Nashua, NH is centrally located in a small New Hampshire city, so you have access to both local shipping options as well as private facilities.


What Are You Storing?

Next, think about what you’re storing in the space. Does it have special environmental needs? You know your product best, and we offer a clean, dry, well-lit area for your assets to be securely stored. We also offer climate controlled environments, which is perfect for storing special equipment. Warehouse space is also ideal for performing a variety of research and development tests.


Do You Need Loading Docks?

Here at Tichnor Properties, our warehouse space comes equipped with loading docks, which is perfect to load trucks and move equipment easily. Additionally, the warehouse space is located in the same building as our office suites, so you don’t have to worry about storing your product off-site. This offers a sense of security you won’t find everywhere.


If you’re in the market for warehouse space for rent, look no further than Tichnor Properties. Visit our building at One Chestnut Street in Nashua, NH to learn more about our leasing opportunities and availability.