I Want to Be Where the People Are: Why Is Urban Office Space So Expensive?

Posted on April 25, 2018

If you’ve been shopping for property lately, whether it’s residential or commercial, you’ve probably noticed the prices increase exponentially the closer you get to the city. It makes sense, sort of. The closer you are to the people, the more conveniently you’ll be able to access almost anything. It’s also an excellent, central location for your staff to commute to, with proximity to public transportation. When it comes to NH office space, it’s no different. But with Tichnor Properties, you can have high quality, spacious offices in a central location without having to sacrifice an arm and a leg.


Close to the Action

Our property is located at One Chestnut Street, in Nashua NH. This is a short walk from Nashua’s retail district in the heart of downtown, while still being close to all major commuter routes, including the Broad Street Parkway. The benefits of being close to downtown include proximity to public transportation and an atmosphere that’s electric with energy. This encourages your employees to connect with the local businesses and create networks. Being slightly outside downtown also has its perks. For example, we can offer a large parking area for your staff, which is sometimes difficult to obtain in other urban offices. Additionally, being close to highways means you won’t have to deal with city traffic as much.


Right in the Middle

If you’re looking to expand, or begin, your company, NH office space is a great place to start. Nashua, NH is ideally situated between the Massachusetts border and Concord, NH – the state’s capital. This gives you close access to many other New England businesses, from Boston, MA to Portland, ME.


Lots of Space!

Offering your employees a space to work where they feel comfortable and is easy to get to ensures high productivity and job satisfaction. Our on-site management and maintenance staff enables them to focus on their work without having to worry about distractions like landscaping or whether or not the air conditioner works. Give us a call at (603) 595-0140 to learn more about our available NH office space!